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Business area of the company IZO spol. s r.o.

The limited liability company IZO was established by concluding a partnership contract on 23 September 1992. As a legal person it was established on 18 January 1993.

The area of business of the company is:
- manufacture of plastic products
- mediating and consulting activities in the production of plastics
- buying goods in order to sell them further and selling

In this case the manufacture of plastics means the manufacture of heat insulating products (hence the name IZO), which forms a specific part of the manufacture of plastics.
IZO spol. s r.o. Bořetice manufactures thermal insulation from polyurethane using modern high pressure foaming machines PUROMAT. The new technology plant enables us to manufacture pre-insulated pipelines of all dimensions and of lengths up to 12 metres.
The production of IZO spol s r.o. is environmentally clean it does no harm to the environment because we use PUR systems blown by carbon dioxide and also because we implement a waste-free production technology where all the residuals and "wastes" are crushed and in this form delivered to construction companies where they are re-used as thermal insulation.