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1. Pre-insulated Pipeline Systems
Introduction – General Information
Applied Materials
Medium-Conducting Pipeline
Insulating Layers
Outer Protective Layers
Pipeline and Fittings
PIP 130 A, B, C
PIP 180 A, B, C
PIP 210, 240, 270
PIP 300 A, B, C
Elbows, Branches, Reducers, Compensators, Fixed Points
Accessory Parts - Entries, Pipeline Ends, Expansion Cushions
Mounting Instructions for Pipeline Connection, Coupling Design
Safety Regulations
Handling, Storage
Planning Activity Documents
Earth Works
Thermal Losses of Distribution Systems – k-Coefficient
Heat Dilatation PIP
Solution of Heat Dilatation
Compensating Bodies L, Z, U
Heat Tensioning of Pipeline
Axial Compensators
Installation Length, Friction Forces, Pipe Cross-Sections
Monitoring System
2. Production Assortment of the Company IZO

Steam Distribution Systems

As stated in the Part I, the Company produces pre-insulated pipeline systems for temperatures up to 300 °C by laminated insulation method. From the viewpoint of practical use it is necessary, in contrast to PIP 130, to compensate all dilatation movements by means of axial (eventually jointed) compensators. For use in the pre-insulated pipeline there are used axial compensators of special design, i.e. protected with an outer slip conduit with a range of protecting elements including the axial line. Use of the jointed compensators requires special finish, which is a subject of patented solution of the Company.

In virtue of a situation and height profile the Company elaborates laying plan, where also the calculated values of adjusting forces of the compensators to eliminate the fixed points are given in addition to basic layout of compensators and fixed points.

If a design bureau elaborates the laying plan, the Company IZO Ltd. reserves the right to approve this laying plan.

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Installation Length, Friction Forces, Pipe Cross-Sections »