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1. Pre-insulated Pipeline Systems
Introduction – General Information
Applied Materials
Medium-Conducting Pipeline
Insulating Layers
Outer Protective Layers
Pipeline and Fittings
PIP 130 A, B, C
PIP 180 A, B, C
PIP 210, 240, 270
PIP 300 A, B, C
Elbows, Branches, Reducers, Compensators, Fixed Points
Mounting Instructions for Pipeline Connection, Coupling Design
Safety Regulations
Handling, Storage
Planning Activity Documents
Earth Works
Thermal Losses of Distribution Systems – k-Coefficient
Heat Dilatation PIP
Solution of Heat Dilatation
Compensating Bodies L, Z, U
Heat Tensioning of Pipeline
Axial Compensators
Steam Distribution System
Installation Length, Friction Forces, Pipe Cross-Sections
Monitoring System
2. Production Assortment of the Company IZO

Entries, Pipeline Ends, Expansion Cushions

In passage of PIP through the wall for sealing there is used labyrinth sealing of the type TAYLOR-SEAL made of rubber segments, screws and washers. The type and number of segments depends on the outer diameter of PIP and on the inner opening in the wall.

Minimum diameter of the wall opening: the diameter of the protection pipe + 50 mm, i.e. the diameter of the sleeve for sealing

The sealing is resistant to ageing, water, light, air and chemical effects. It is intended fro the pipeline diameter within the range of DN 15 up to DN 300.

The sealing conforms to the water pressure of 1.4 bar.

Pipeline end serves for protection against humidity entering into the insulation at the pipeline end inside of buildings and properties.
Two basic types according to temperature of the medium are used:
- up to 140 °C - contracting finishing sleeves DHEC
- up to 300 °C - finishing sleeves of IZO design
The types a size depend on the diameter of the medium-conducting pipeline and protection pipe.

The end packing is used for temporary closing of the pipeline ends in the earth.
Design according to the temperature and pipeline diameter.

Expansion cushions

They are used for channelless bedding for compensating heat dilatation of the pipeline – particular elements, i.e. compensators of the type U, L, Z, further at branches, armatures etc.

On the basis of the heat dilatation calculation, the cushions with the basic thickness of 40 mm are applied also in several layers on given pipeline length.

The expansion cushions of two basic materials are used:
- expanded PE
- polyurethane "cold foam"

The basic dimension 1.000 mm x "height" of the protection pipe.

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