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Thermal-technical properties of engineering constructions of buildings effect economic operation of these buildings in a fundamental way. Prime operating costs, at increasing prices of all kinds of energies, are limiting factor for use of thermal insulating materials not only in a new construction. Therefore, our Company, engaging in processing of polyurethane, offers insulations in a wide range of versions. For example for fulfilment of requirements of the revised standard ČSN 73 0540.94 "Thermal Protection of Buildings", which determines the thermal resistance of enclosure walling R = 2 W.sq.m.K, 60 mm of the hard expanded polyurethane is enough. It is to remark that requirements of this standard does not meet European standard.

In a very simplified way it can be said that the matter of the standard is a question that has "no immediate" impact. However, reality is different in some respect, because increased expenditures on heating, especially on use of high-grade energy kinds, are experienced by all of us. In definite direction of progress of prices, it is intensively to consider questions of warming up of buildings, and that not only of dwelling ones. We mustn't forget living environment that is conclusively impacted by increased production, eventually mine working. Just these impacts can be prevented by a quality thermal insulation that noticeably affects all negative aspects.

As said above, the polyurethane belongs to the most qualitative thermal insulating materials, it is applicable not only in newly realized construction, but also for warming up reasons of existing buildings, a that both dwelling and production ones. In addition to this application, it is identically suitable for refrigerating plants, whether there are cold store buildings, freezing plants, exothermic bodies and the like.

As the thermal insulating material, PUR is suitable especially for that reason that end-use properties are increased with facts that a range of other thermal insulating materials has not. If we state some basic ones – then it does not sublimate, as for example the polystyrene, it withstands permanent temperature load of 100 °C, and it is not invaded by birds, gnawers and mildew. The last but not least, advantage is also high pressure strength.

Principal advantages in case of use of PUR plates:

1) Fulfilment of requirements of thermal standards on building construction
2) Reduction of energy consumptions
3) Increase of thermal comfort of dwelling buildings
4) At escalation of energy a quick return of investment
5) Quick and easy installation of plates and panels
6) Environmentally wholesome cfc-free polyurethane

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