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1. Pre-insulated Pipeline Systems
Applied Materials
Medium-Conducting Pipeline
Insulating Layers
Outer Protective Layers
Pipeline and Fittings
PIP 130 A, B, C
PIP 180 A, B, C
PIP 210, 240, 270
PIP 300 A, B, C
Elbows, Branches, Reducers, Compensators, Fixed Points
Accessory Parts - Entries, Pipeline Ends, Expansion Cushions
Mounting Instructions for Pipeline Connection, Coupling Design
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Handling, Storage
Planning Activity Documents
Earth Works
Thermal Losses of Distribution Systems – k-Coefficient
Heat Dilatation PIP
Solution of Heat Dilatation
Compensating Bodies L, Z, U
Heat Tensioning of Pipeline
Axial Compensators
Steam Distribution System
Installation Length, Friction Forces, Pipe Cross-Sections
Monitoring System
2. Production Assortment of the Company IZO

Pre-insulated Pipeline Systems - Introduction

The Company IZO Ltd. Bořetice produces pre-insulated pipeline systems, which include in addition to pipeline itself also pipe bends, branches, armatures, compensators, fixed points and other accessory parts including a monitoring system. This assortment enables to solve economically distribution systems of heat and coldness, eventually of other mediums in complete finish; it means underground channelless bedding, but also surface distribution systems.

Pre-insulated systems produced in a standard version for mediums from -200 °C up to +140 °C comply with standards valid for this kind of products, i.e. ČSN - EN 253, 448, 488 and 489.

The basic range of channelless version enables to leave out labour-intensive and expensive building up of concrete channels. The surface version in the spiro-pipeline outstands similarly with a very qualitative insulation, high strength and thereby with resistance to damage.

Basic properties and advantages in comparison with conventionally performed energetic distribution systems in channels:

1. Considerably reduced costs on earth works (narrower profile, smaller depth)
2. Noticeable shortening of construction time
3. Reducing of energy losses due to qualitative insulation
4. Environment protection through the use of cfc-free PUR systems
5. Life time at least 30 years
6. Range of use according to temperature load 140, 180 up to 300 °C
7. Possibility to select insulation thickness
8. Maximum prefabrication and simplification of installation works
9. Reduced transportation charges
10. Reduced operating costs and maintenance expenses
11. Easy check and fault localization due to installation of monitoring system
12. Completeness of components offer of our Company simplifies customers realization intents
13. Short delivery terms, operational suitability

IZO Ltd. Bořetice is a purely Czech company engaging in own production and realization of pre-insulated pipeline systems.

General Information

Pre-insulated pipelines for channelless bedding are produced in two basic versions:

I. Compact system – where the medium-conducting pipeline, insulation and protection pipe build up a compact unit that is limited in dilatation movement by friction in sand bedding. This system consists of three layers for the temperature range from -200 °C up to +140 °C of continual temperature loading.

Structure of pre-insulated pipeline PIP 130
Složení předizolovaného potrubí PIP 130

II. Sliding system – the medium-conducting pipeline is located in a sliding way in mineral wool insulation, which builds up one unit with polyurethane and a protection pipe. The dilatation movement is to be compensated by means of axial, eventually jointed compensators. This system is four-layer one for temperature range from -200 °C up to +180 °C and from -200 °C up to +210, 240, 270 and 300 °C. The insulation is solved in such a way that the temperature on the transition of insulation layers reaches at most +120 °C.

Structure of pre-insulated pipeline PIP 180, PIP 300
Složení předizolovaného potrubí PIP 180, PIP 300
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