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Warm Plates, Panels

Applied Materials and Systems

For application reasons we offer a wide range of products that in addition to basic function, i.e. thermal insulating one, can form an integrated assembly element for interior and exterior use in one product.

From a range of applications can be stated the use for:

1) External claddings of buildings
2) Roof structures flat and inclined
3) Thermal insulations of floors and ceilings
4) Elements for attic rooms
5) Additional warming up of buildings, inclusive of industrial ones
6) Warming up of steel gates and sheet metal buildings
7) Warming up of tanks
8) Thermal insulation of frozen-food and refrigerated plants
9) Warming up of air conditioning systems etc.

Basic technical parameters of hard expanded polyurethane

Blowing agent CO2 = cfc-free ecological system

Volume weight  50 up to 70 kg/sq. m
Pressure strength  0.5 MPa
Coefficient of thermal conductivity  0.03 Wm-1K-1
Thermal resistance  ± 100 °C
Absorption capacity  max. 4 %
Flammability class  B3, B2

1. Cladding of Buildings:

For this reason we deliver PUR plates and panels from 20 mm up to 100 mm thick in a range by 5 mm and with dimension of 1,200 x 2,400 mm, by mutual agreement max. 2,350 x 2,400 mm, 1,200 x 4,750 mm or 2,200 x 6,000 mm:

- with a smooth surface
- with a wood-cement board surface in thickness of 5 mm, single-sided or both-sided

Both kinds of products are suitable for gravel plasters. The wood-cement board surface allows applying conventional wet plastering process. PUR plates and panels are fastened with disc shear plates.

2. Roof Constructions

With PUR plates, warming up of existing roof structures and new ones can be solved. In case of use of plates for version of final damp-proofing layer, they are provided one-sidedly with bitumen surface with overlapping of 10 cm for connection of these parts.

On application of the final damp-proofing layer on basis of acrylate dispersions, e.g. Sanakryl or Elastra, the plates are anchored with disc shear plates and the acrylate dispersion is reinforced with a non-woven fabric.

3. Thermal Insulations of Floors and Ceilings

The PUR plates for warming up of floors are advantageous, the same is valid for ceilings, e.g. above unheated rooms, because we reach the required parameters in relatively thin layers, i.e. decrease of construction heights of floors and ceilings.

Various combinations are produced, it means a basic plate without surface, and this one is applicable for new construction especially. Furthermore, plates with surface finishing, e.g. for underfloor heating with Al foil, for use on existing floors with one-sided chipboard, eventually for more exacting customers with a surface wear layer of parquet coffers.

4. Elements for Attic Rooms

They are produced with one-sided covering layer, eventually both-sided, according to intent of use for interior or exterior areas. The basic covering layers for use in interiors are formed with chipboard, fibreboard, solodur, sololak, flooring and last but not least increasingly used plasterboard that is suitable in both-sided version for construction of separation walls and the like; apart from other things it allows conventional painting in dwelling areas.

All these above mentioned versions, inclusive of surface finishing, e.g. with cetris or velox plate, allows very wide range of use. Naturally that covering layers can be variously combined according to purpose of use.

All these products allow easy, quick and effective solving of problems in sphere of construction of new dwelling areas and acquisition of further ones of existing buildings.

5. Additional Warming Up of Buildings

For warming up of factory and industrial buildings we deliver PUR plates with a covering layer, e.g. zinc-coated sheet metal, aluminium sheet and the like. Analogously covering layers made of plastic materials are also used, e.g. polypropylene plates, fibre-glass plates and the like. As it was not mentioned heretofore an outstanding adhesion of polyurethane in principle to all materials, it is created a combination, e.g. PUR to PP, which form a compact element, and subsequent sticking of these layers does not take place.

For other spheres of use, in addition to above mentioned ones, it can be added that there are produced PUR plates and panels with a covering layer made of stainless steel sheet for refrigeratory plants. Analogously, for air-conditioning sphere there are used plates with both-sided finish of Al foils up to thickness of 90 μm.

In addition to above mentioned products, PUR can be advantageously used in a range of further versions and the previous listing is far from covering all applications. In general it can be said that these product find application in a wide range of industrial branches and effectively allow solving problems of reduction of energy losses.

We are ready to offer to customers also other possibility of usage by mutual consultation.

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